How to Find Your Wedding DJ

One thing that your guests will always remember about your wedding is the entertainment. The Wedding DJ you choose to provide music and entertain at your wedding has a huge impact on how memorable your wedding day will be. We are all about filling dancefloors and creating awesome memories here at JAMM Events. We truly believe that the entertainment you choose for your big day can be the difference between a good party and a great one!

So how do you find the right entertainment for your wedding? For many people, this is the biggest party they’d have ever planned, so they often have no idea where to start. We thought we could help with that. There are usually so many choices to go with that you may soon feel overwhelmed. With the following few tips from us, you can tackle that and find the right entertainment for your wedding in Australia.


Setting Your Entertainment Budget

Your budget is the foundation for your wedding. Before you set out on your search for the right wedding DJ or wedding MC, you need a budget. There are many guides and suggestions on what you should spend, but in all honesty there is only 1 way to work out what your entertainment budget should be…

Ask yourself “How important is the entertainment at your wedding?”

For some couples the entertainment is there number one priority and they just want to party and have fun. While other couples the music and entertainment might further down the list. It is all a personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer to what your budget should be. Just remember if you book a cheap DJ you will get a cheap DJ, likewise if you book a professional DJ with a higher price you know that they will have the experience and expertise to rock your wedding.

Wedding DJ Budget

Don’t Let Relationships Be the Determining Factor

I cannot stress this enough, don’t hire your distant cousin to handle your wedding entertainment just because everyone said they’re a DJ. You shouldn’t feel like you’re forced to choose your wedding entertainment, its your big day and your choice. The same goes for your wedding MC too.

Having a relative or friend perform at your wedding may sound like a great cost effective way for entertainment, but there are some important factors to keep in mind. They will be at your wedding to work, should be focused on the job they have been asked to do (or at least you would hope so). What happens if they do a bad job (is your friendship worth the few $$ you saved)? What happens if they are unable to perform, is there a contract or back-up in place? Relationships should not be the determining factor when hiring an entertainer for your wedding.


Check with The Venue

Most of the time the wedding venue you book will have a list of preferred vendors, including DJs and MCs. These suppliers will know all about the venue and the best way to manage the night. Although you may decide to hire another supplier, it is always worth putting them on the ‘to contact’ list. You could learn a thing or two about your wedding venue by picking their brains.


Ask for Referrals

Did you enjoy the reception at your friend’s wedding? Ask them for the DJ or MC that handled their event! Ask your close friends (if they are married) if they had a DJ, and if they were happy with them. Another great person to ask for referrals is your photographer or videographer. They will have seen many DJs and MCs in action and can point you in the right direction of an entertainer that matches your style.


Check Social Media & The Web

Goggling words like “Wedding DJ Melbourne” and “Wedding MC Melbourne” can give you a great place to start your entertainment search. Another great way to check for DJs is social media like Facebook, either direct or via a wedding group (there are plenty out there for brides). Look at the photos and videos they have, do they show the vibe and energy that you want. Also, be sure when looking  at their reviews to read the review, don’t just look at the star rating. It will show you why people loved that DJ in particular.

Wedding DJ Reception - JAMM Events
photo by Tizia May Photography

Make A Short-List of Your Favourite Wedding DJ / Bands

Making a short list of the entertainers you have seen and like their style or vibe is a essential, and helps you to keep track of everything. Send them an enquiry asking for more information on their services and packages. When they reach out, don’t ghost them immediately, ask questions and find out if they are going to be the right fit for you.


Ask About Their Equipment

(not that kind of ‘equipment’ ,get your mind out of the gutter)

You may think it matter much to your wedding, but the a DJ can only perform to the standard their equipment can handle. And the last thin you want is for people to not hear your speeches or have bad sound quality that hurts your ears.

Ask questions like how many people can your sound system cover? Do you have a wireless microphone? Is your equipment tag tested (this is a legal requirement, though you would be surprised how many don’t do this – its a big red flag). Do they have insurance? The right DJ will happily answer all your questions.


See How You Feel About Them

Your wedding planning process will mean that you’ll spend lots of time with your vendors. It may not be physical (thanks to the pandemic), but you’ll still have to keep in touch. You want to have a wedding entertainer that you immediately feel comfortable with. They should be able to set your mind at ease when you have any questions and be available to you.


Consider Their Personality

Whether you’re hiring a DJ or a MC, remember that their personality will affect your wedding. Some entertainers are great at getting the room up and bubbling. Others are better suited for low key celebrations. Ensure that the entertainer you go book can fit the style of your wedding. The same applies to your MC, if not even more.

JAMM Events Wedding DJ
photo by Emily Howlett Photography

Here at JAMM Events, we believe that your wedding entertainment should be what your guests rave about, even weeks after you . It’s why we have the best wedding entertainers as part of our team. We LOVE working with couples and turning their dream wedding into reality.

Contact us today to find the right DJ for your Wedding or event.


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