Transform Your Event With Stunning Lighting


Let’s be honest, blank walls are boring! And you want your wedding or event to be the envy of all your guests don’t you? Lighting is a great way to WOW your guests and transform your event space.

Included with some of our core entertainment options such as our Wedding DJ’s, providing a more holistic and tailored service.

The correct lighting and design can enhance your venues natural styling, create atmosphere, and even transform the room entirely in seconds! The limit is your imagination…

Uplighting | JAMM Events
Uplighting | JAMM Events
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Venue uplighting is one of the most effective lighting solutions to enhance your venue. We utilise 100% wireless uplights strategically placed around your venue to create maximum impact and is the base layer of our event lighting design.

These compact and ultra portable lights can be set to any colour to match your wedding theme or provide contrast to enhance features of the venue. The are also controlled wirelessly allowing us to change the brightness to suit the atmosphere, as well as incorporate them into our light shows for added effect.

Uplighting Effects
Dancefloor Lighting


Dance floor lighting has a huge effect on the vibe of your night… From an elegant affair, to a heaving dance floor.

We use professional moving heads that project a pattern and provide movement, together with LED wash lights that add colour and life to your dancefloor.

All our lighting, including the uplights are controlled in real-time allowing us to tailor the movements, colour palettes, and look to suit your wedding/event space perfectly.

Dry Ice Effect

Dry Ice Effect | JAMM Events

Dancing on a real low-lying cloud for your special dance or moment

Custom Monogram

Custom Monogram | JAMM Events

A custom graphic or message projected onto a wall or on your dancefloor

Indoor Fireworks

Fireworks | JAMM Events

Indoor spark fountains to add a jaw-dopping effect to any wedding or event

Let’s Make Your Wedding Memorable!

We go above and beyond to make every wedding spectacular.