Wedding Ceremony Music

The Complete Ceremony Music Solution

Our Wedding ceremony music service is the complete ‘peace of mind’ solution for your ceremony. We help you to create the perfect soundtrack the day and then ensure everything runs flawlessly!

All you have to do is focus on the “I Do”…

As your guests arrive we have background music playing while they find a seat and get in position. Once the bridal party is ready we take the celebrants lead to ensure that every song is played at just the right moment.

As part of the wedding ceremony music service we include a professional battery powered speaker system than can be placed anywhere. Providing crystal clear audio, even at the beach side or in a garden. As well as 2 wireless microphones for your celebrant and vowels/guest readings, so your guests don’t miss a thing.

Wedding Ceremony Music

What Is Included


We provide all the music for your ceremony from start to finish.


One of our wedding professionals to operate the system.


Wireless Microphones for your celebrant and speakers.

Sound System

Professional battery powered sound system for crystal clear sound.

Ceremony Song Ideas

Finding the right songs for a wedding ceremony can be daunting… They have to suit you as a couple, match the theme… no wonder why so many have trouble.

Below are our specially curated Wedding Ceremony Music playlists to help you find the perfect song for your special moment. Each list has been carefully put together by one of our seasoned wedding professional and are available on Spotify.

Before your Guests Arrive

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Walking Down The Aisle

Wedding Ceremony Processional Songs

Time To Celebrate

Wedding Recessional Songs

The Perfect Pair

Combining our wedding ceremony music service with our wedding DJ service is the complete wedding music solution. We take care of everything from the moment your guests arrive until the final farewell. Highly recommended for couples wanting to relax and just have a good time.

As part of this perfect pairing we also include background music during the cocktail hour. So you can get the perfect photos while your guests enjoy the refreshments and catch up with each other.

Wedding Music

How Much Music Do I Need?

So how much music do you really need at your ceremony? The answer, probably more than you thought.

Let’s break down the typical Australia wedding ceremony and where the music is used.

On average your guests will arrive at the ceremony location 20 minutes prior to the start time, this equates to 7-8 songs of background music (or a little over 3 repeats of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody)

The ceremony itself usually only takes 30mins from start to finish, during this time there are 6 songs that are played for each key moment, these are:

2 songs

  • 1 for the Bridal party
  • 1 for the Bride

3 Songs

  • Usually only 2 are needed, but a backup is always a good idea (especially on a windy day)

1 Song

  • This is the song played as you walk/dance back down the aisle with your new partner in crime.

After the ceremony is the group photo which takes 5-10 mins to coordinate and shoot (2-5 songs)

In total there will be approximately 48 minutes of music – 6 key moment songs, and 30 minutes of background music.

Let’s Make Your Wedding Memorable!

We go above and beyond to make every wedding spectacular.