How To Be A Wedding MC

So you have been asked to MC your friend or relative’s wedding? That’s great! It’s an honour to be included and given such an important role. But your probably thinking “What am I supposed to do?”, and “How I going to do this?”. So naturally you fired up Google, searching for advice and guidance on how to be a Wedding MC or Master of Ceremonies. Which is most likely how you landed you here. Well your in luck, at JAMM Events we have performed at hundreds of Weddings as MCs & Entertainers, and have put together our Top 5 tips and advice to on How To Be A Wedding MC that everyone will love.

How To Be A Wedding MC – The Complete Beginners Guide.

#1 Ask Questions

Don’t be shy to ask questions, especially if you have never done this before. Remember to listen to the answers, and take down notes so you can refer back to them later.

No one will know what the couple are wanting more than the couple, so that should be your starting point. Direst and relevant questions are key here, you don’t want to get tied up in too much detail just yet.

  • What traditions / key events are they wanting?
  • What feeling/vibe is the couple wanting for the reception?
  • Is there anything they don’t want?

Even with these 3 questions you will get a good idea of their expectations.

Eg: A couple that is wanting a relaxed/fun wedding isn’t going to want all the events 1 after another. Or an MC who is keeping the timing like a military drill instructor. You will need to be flexible with timings but still ensure that all the important parts are covered.

Another great source for questions (during the planning process) is the venue coordinator. They have done literally 100’s if not 1000’s of weddings, and will be able to give you some great information. Things like when the meals need to be called, the best time for cake cutting, and when the night needs to be wrapped up.


#2 Communication Is Key!

This as important as #1. 

Communication is the glue that holds everything together, and as MC you are the “go to” person. Not only for guests, but for suppliers as well. You need to make sure that everyone is on the same page and aware of the nights proceedings. It is no good calling the first dance while the photographer is not in the room… The bride will not thank you for this, either will the photographer. A friendly 3-5 mins warning or ‘heads up’ goes a long way and ensures that the night flows smoothly.

Communication doesn’t just happen on the night, its also in the lead up to the wedding. Reaching out to the entertainment, venue, photographer and other suppliers is always a good move. It allows you to ask important questions and get clarification. For example; contacting the Wedding DJ/Band to see if they have a microphone for you, or if you need to hire one.

A great wedding is the result of team work from all the supplier involved. If you help them they will help you and make your job fun and a lot less stressful.

Wedding MC Script

#3 It’s All In The Preparation

As a professional MC, I highly advise against “winging it”. Even if your a natural people person and can talk on a microphone till the cows come home… A wedding has many parts and elements that need to work in sync together to ensure that the couple has the best night possible. By planning the night you have a guide to refer back to and keep the night moving forward. And there is an unexpected issue, you will be able to see what can be moved to keep the night flowing without anyone know there was a problem in the first place.

The preparation starts by taking notes of the answers from your questions. These could be the names and order of the bridal party, the meal timings, etc. All are important and will be used to help draft your running sheet. Most venues will supply a run sheet to the couple, and once it’s available, this is where you add all your notes.

#4 Keep It Simple

When it comes to notes, details, and technology… less is more! The last thing you want is to have to skim through an essay of a run sheet to find out the best man’s name. Or have your tablet/phone die on you as you are about to read out the bridal party. Trust me, it’s not a good look. Stick with easy to read text, and old school printed version (with a back up copy, just in case).

After you have completed your draft running sheet the next step is to send a copy to the couple. They will double check the information and advise if there are any updates or changes. Once the run sheet is confirmed, send a copy to the suppliers you will be working with on the night. This is greatly appreciated and is a big step towards the team work I mentioned in point #2.

How To Be A Wedding MC

#5 Microphone Technique

Microphones are a great tool and will help save your voice for the anthems on the dancefloor. But you need to know how to use them correctly. Below are some quick tips to help you use the microphone correctly and ensure that everyone can hear the announcements throughout the night.

Tip #1

Microphones work best when they are close and aimed at the sound source. This means the closer you have it to your mouth the better it will pick up. That being said you don’t want to be eating it either, they are not a great source of iron.

Tip #2

Hold the microphone correctly – Yes, believe it or not there is a correct way to hold a microphone. Make sure you holding the microphone in the middle of the body. Holding the microphone near the grille will cause the sound to become distorted and muffled.

If you are using a wireless microphone, holding it at the bottom of the microphone will reduce the wireless range (this is where the antenna is located). Which may cause your sound to cut in ____ out.

Tip #3

Take your time, nerves can often get the better of you especially if public speaking is not your thing. Just take breath, and go at your own pace. If you need to slow down, then pause and then continue. No one will be judging you on your MC performance.

Tip #4

Smile when you talk, when you smile you naturally come across happier and more energetic. It also helps you to have fun and enjoy the night.


A Parting Gift

Now you have our Top #5 Tips and Tricks to help you be the perfect wedding MC. Before you leave us we want to give you a FREE copy of our . Combine this with what you have learned here to deliver a killer wedding just like the professionals do.


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